They say that your whole life is turned upside down when you have your first child. Well they are right. This is a time when the cliché is spot-on. The nerve crunching drama of the birth itself. Once you leave the secure confines of the hospital it hits you. Your life is no longer your own.


You wave goodbye to the old ‘You’ and a new person rises from the ashes. This person can survive with little sleep, can cope with baby puke stains permanently on your upper chest and can expertly blend a carrot & apple baby meal. You get used to perfect strangers approaching you feeling they have the right to coo over your charge and engage you in conversation about nappies and toilet habits. The new ‘You’ laps it up. Glowing with pride at your baby addition. Your first child.

All those nights spent idling in bars and tickling your taste buds in the latest fine eatery and ending up in that club where you danced the night away with some wild eyed Spanish students. These are distant memories now from another lifetime. Like a dream you once had. The new responsible ‘You’ begins to think of things that would have horrified your former self. Whether to go for a 3 or a 4 wheeled pram suddenly seems of paramount importance. Yes, the new responsible ‘You’ is born. And would you trade it all in to get your former life back? Would you go back in time to enjoy that blissfully carefree existence? The new ‘You’ is much too busy to even think about it.