It’s just over twelve months since fluxlings was first introduced to the joys of Wonderbook for Playstation PS3.

With the first release, ‘A Book of Spells’ based around the Harry Potter stories, our first taste was addictive providing immersive, interactive play in a totally new ‘pop-up’ inspired format.

Now just in time for Christmas, two new titles have been launched for the format, causing such excitement in our household that we couldn’t agree which to try first.



The first release, ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ is based around the BBC series and is timed perfectly to coincide with the 3D film release that is coming up this Christmas.

The game has been developed in partnership with the BBC team, and is rigourous in its factual content. The game is organised in chapters, so as you turn the pages you are taken through challenges from dinosaur spotting, excavation and action fights.

The Wonderbook Move controller becomes archaeologist tool, hammer and brush, and then a grabber to help the player construct a skeleton. The book follows the story of Patchi and Juniper, the two dinosaur stars of the forthcoming film. It’s totally engrossing, with players walking with prehistoric giants on the screen, and becoming part of the battle for dinosaur survival.

The second title, ‘Book of Potions’ continues the Harry Potter theme, book instead of spells in this book you become a master of potions. The player needs to collect and prepare ingredients, using the controller to chop and mix the mystical ingredients. The story follows the book’s fictional author, Zygmunt Budge, and his journey through an enchanted garden to compete for the Golden Cauldron.

The new titles are both really great additions to the two existing Wonderbook titles, and make the hardware package – the Wonderbook itself, the Move controller and the PS Eye camera – a really attractive investment. And at around £20 each, the play they offer is terrific value.

Wonderbook offers a totally different way of playing with the book taking centre stage. Children very quickly learn the different possibilities they can use to progress, from turning the pages to rotating the book to brushing the pages. Last year’s launch title, ‘Book of Spells’ could be confusing at times in terms of what to do next, but this is improved in these latest titles with more pointers to help you through the chapters. The play is really hands on and creates a wonderful, fun and accessible experience.

Wonderbook itself makes a wonderful gift this Christmas, and these new titles are the icing on the cake for new or existing Wonderbook players.

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs and Wonderbook: Book of Potions are available at a retail price of around £20 from major retailers.