Why not charter a private jet for your next family holiday?

School summer holidays are a popular time for travelling abroad as a family. Because of this, commercial airlines often raise their prices to extortionate levels. However, since a recent High Court ruling which sided with parents who took their children out of school during term time, sales of family bookings have skyrocketed for term time holidays.

The precedent has excited many but it’s not unlikely that legal changes will be made to reinforce children being in school during the scheduled terms. In the meantime, if you are planning a vacation, you might want to think about forgoing the uncomfortable and small airplane seats and why not charter a private jet, whether it’s during term time or not.

Book early for the lowest prices on private jet charters

One private aviation broker, Bespoke Air Charter, has pointed out that while prices for private flights also increases during popular seasonal times, there is scope to get good deals on flights. Since the availability of private jets is limited – they have neither the numbers nor capacity compared to commercial aircraft, brokers are able to negotiate deals if bookings are made in advance enough.

Given the recent ruling, now might be the time to book a flight for the end of the year, forgoing the summer vacation for an autumnal break.

Travel with your extended family to save per seat

Unlike commercial flights, private jets are booked on the whole, not by individual seats; based on the capacity of the plane. Typically you can seat 6-10 persons on each craft and the cost of the flight can be divided between the number of people you choose to have on board.

If you want an excuse to book a private jet charter, you can save on the overall cost by inviting grandparents, cousins or extended family friends, sharing the cost across a bigger family.

Luxury cabins are spacious and boarding is easy

The biggest benefits of private jets is the greater comfort of the seating, the luxury service experience and stress-free environment from airport to landing.

For the parents, and grandparents, being able to sleep, relax and not feel restricted on a flight – especially those of more than four hours, make a huge difference. For the children, having increased amounts of space means they can play freely and move about the cabin. Not being strapped to a seat can also help their overall mood, making it a more pleasant flight for all.

Easy boarding, from a smaller airport, with a more personal service, also adds to the appeal of flying by private jet charter as a family. With this support, ease and the advantages of the private cabin, your family with enjoy their holiday all the more, from the very beginning.