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The Microsoft .NET Framework consists of a large number of development tools. There are technologies that allow you to create not only automated systems. They are used also for  websites and classic desktop applications.

.NET development

In general, all the variety of software products net application development is that are created for .NET can be grouped as follows.The .NET platform developed by Microsoft is a great tool. It allows developers to create absolutely any product. Using this platform, you can write a graphics editor. Can be made a game for mobile phones, a web portal, and even an entire operating system! .NET includes many technologies, such as ADO.NET. it works with  databases. There is ASP.NET for building web systems. There is WFA for developing window applications. And there are many others. A developer who has even studied the basics of these platforms is completely ready to develop his first projects. He can organize startups and look for an internship or work as a Junior programmer. 

Web Development

Perhaps this is the most common group of applications that are written for .NET. The peculiarity of web applications is that they work through a browser and usually require a stable Internet connection.

Web applications can be of varying complexity. Sketching a small one-page website with images and links is not a tricky business. But building a complex web application will take a lot of effort. A striking example of a simple in terms of appearance and complex in terms of load on the back-end of an application is the Stack Overflow site, known to every developer as an advantage of .net.

Client Applications

Under .NET, not only web is created, but also client applications – products that run on personal computers and mobile devices of end users.

Several components of the Windows operating system have been developed with the use of .NET, including a notepad and a calculator. But there are also a large number of applications for .NET made by individual developers: on this resource you can get acquainted with some of them. More complex products are also being created. For example, for traders – NinjaTrader, Tradesignal. There is also an interesting application for business analysts – Microsoft Power BI, which visualizes information from any source and makes it easier and faster to work with big data. Basically, for Desktop Client Applications, WPF or Windows Forms technologies are used – knowing them, you can create complex applications for desktop users.

Game Development

To create a game, you just need to know the C # language and use the Mono and Unity platform libraries. It’s much easier and faster, since you don’t have to learn C ++, and Mono and Unity will take over all the work of transforming the C # code. You can start exploring this direction with the article “Unity: Developing Your First Game with Unity and C #”. Modern .net development company is ready to carry out this task.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (Russian “Internet of Things”) – a direction of development of technologies for “things” that can interact with each other, with the external environment and the Internet. You can also use .NET here, for example, if you are using Raspberry PI with Windows 10 IoT Core and want to control smart kettles, home lighting systems, self-driving cars, speech recognition systems and automated dialogues based on ready-made frameworks such as, say, Yandex Dialogues … If you plan to develop in this direction, then first read about Azure IoT, Azure IoT Hub and how two-way communication with the server (hub) and your smart devices is provided.


Enterprise is the area of ​​developing products to solve business problems, not end users. These products include CRM systems for tracking customer behavior, as well as information management or document management systems.

.NET development

Why it is worth developing in .NET

The attractiveness of .NET for young professionals can be explained not only by the variety of product areas. Knowing the basics of .NET will allow you to be flexible in the choice of specialization and field of programming. .NET is a platform that reflects the latest trends in development and offers many opportunities for beginners.