Beautiful ways to use color in your home – words Alexa Wang

In contemporary design color is a statement. Neutral tones and raw textures are the key elements in a successful design, we see wood highlighted by raw concrete textures today, we see stark white as a background in most dream homes and glass embracing steel beautifully all around us.

It goes without saying that these beautifully balanced compositions are popular for a reason: they`re timeless, they can withstand the test of time exemplary, effortlessly.


Small scale accents can be inserted though, a beautiful colorful flower would look extraordinary in a glass, steel and white composition; a colorful rug can complement a natural wooden texture, you couch pillows can wear the colors of the season proudly. There are lots of ways to use color in your home that you can adopt beautifully in your décor without playing with the interior balance and we are going to present you a few in the list below.

Invite Rainbow Colors Through Flowers and Indoor Gardens

Colorful flowers have always been an option and they will always be. Whether you nestle them fresh from the flower shop, from your green house or directly from the indoor garden, they`re presence can emphasize the interior spatiality a great deal.

A great flower-related tutorial that surprised the online environment has been published on Homesthetics and you can see the info-graphic that can guide your trough the simple process below. Basically it teaches you how to create beautiful, colorful rainbow roses at home. The craft uses white roses as a base, these being transformed into multi-colored roses using their own transportation system and edible food coloring that you provide. That basically means that you can have roses of any color or any mix of colors, purple roses, green roses, black roses included. Quite spectacular, something truly impressive.


Try Out Colorful Textile Sets

Colorful textile sets are simple solutions that cannot influence the balance of the interior décor in an irreversible way, they`re presence can be temporary, the sets can be adapted to the season and their scale allows you to control the amount of colors with ease. Simply add or subtract pillows.

Be Brave Enough For Colorful Furnishing Accents

A simple accent can work to your advantage, a colorful coffee table or side-table be adorn in the setting beautifully. You can simply add colorful hair pin legs on a wooden countertop and you have a new piece of furnishing for your décor, this will be airy, appearing to float with color with an awe-inspiring allure.

Experiment With Your Table Setting

The table setting often wears color, white and red, purple and golden hues, copper and teal, green mint and yellow just to name a few exemplary composition choices. You can work your way around the table with the color mixtures of your choice and see what it works, what can be kept in your décor in the long run. Napkins, cutlery, plates, table runners, multiple elements to control in the composition are nestled in the table setting, choose wisely, experiment creatively with color.

Adorn Color With Seasonal Décor

Holidays are wonderful opportunities to test out color, you can surge inspiration from any seasonal element and use their hues, colors into your settings. The online environment showcases numerous ideas in this regard and a simple research will surface them.

Use the orange of autumn as an accent or the red and green specific to the winter holidays, refresh your interior with color and boost the interior of your home rapidly.

What do you think? We would love to hear your valuable feedback on the subject in the comment section below.

Beautiful ways to use color in your home – words Alexa Wang