Kids around between say two and four are quite obsessed with sticker books. Fluxling #1 was a sticker maniac, and would sit and finish one from cover to cover totally engrossed. And Fluxling #2 (now three) is also a big fan!

Usborne are one of the best publishers of this type of book around. With brightly coloured scenes to decorate, big stickers that are easy for smaller hands, and the clencher – LOTS of stickers so the book is not finished in five minutes flat (a tip is never to buy a sticker book with less than say 100 stickers!).



This year, Usborne have two amazing Christmas themed sticker books for the younger kids. Their ‘Santa’s Workshop Sticker Book’ features thirteen scenes in Santa’s workshop for the little ones to bring to life with the over 300 stickers included in the book. These books are amazing – we’ve gone through the various themed version of this book and they never fail to delight the kids – from holidays to winter to summer fairgrounds. Hours of fun here.

The second title is from the Dressing-Up series – the adorable ‘Nativity Play’ sticker book. Now for any child in the infants at primary this will ring a lot of ‘Christmas’ bells! There are nine scenes here that take us through the Nativity story, with the actors in vest and knickers ready to be ‘dressed’ in the appropriate costumes. The sticker pages in the centre provide the stickers and point you to the right pages. So your child can dress the angels, shepherds, three kings and Mary and Joseph, as well as adding the ever present minor characters which anyone who has attended a Nativity Play will know well – the animals, the stars, and the musicians.

Essential Stocking fillers for the under fives! See for more on these and other sticker books for kids.