Tips for travelling with kids this Christmas

With Christmas coming up, long car journeys are a must for many families heading to visit other family members over the festive period.

With young children, all parents know this can be hard work keeping them entertained for long periods of time, so here are some top tips for travelling with kids which can be really helpful to keep your children occupied on the long car journeys this year:


Be Prepared

Whether it’s with an iPad or a portable DVD player, be sure to be well prepared with films and games for your kids to watch in the car. Download them before you travel so you don’t encounter any annoying buffering issues on the day of your journey and be sure to have a selection to choose from. Although some parents don’t really like sticking their kids in front of a screen for a several hours, on a long car journey it’s a necessary evil to keep the kids quiet and occupied.


If you child has a favourite toy, be sure to pack it so they have something to play with. Often if you have more than one child this can work better as they can play with toys together to help to pass more time.

Audio Books

An old-school method but one that certainly works, audio books are a great way to keep the kids entertained. With so many popular children’s stories now available on audio book you’ll be able to find one that your kids love and it should keep them entertained for a while on the journey.


A good way to keep children entertained is with a puzzle book or colouring book to pass the time. An activity sheet is a great idea as it has lots of different types of tasks and then you can mark it for them afterwards. Be sure to have a variety of different coloured pens with you to keep them entertained for as long as possible.


A sing-a-long CD is a fun idea that should keep the kids entertained, just be careful to make sure it’s one that you can stand for a while too as it could get annoying very quickly if not. Try sing a long CD’s at the beginning on your journey before children become restless.

The best way to beat car journey boredom is to use a combination of these different methods. Be sure to plan plenty of stops along the way so you can all get out of the car for some fresh air and grab a snack at the services.