Silver Cross are launching a new range of their traditional doll’s pram. For the first time this year, the Silver Cross doll’s pram can be personalised with your little girl’s name – or the name of her favourite doll!


A lot of us will remember the doll’s prams we had as children. And a lot of them will not have been the flimsy buggies and trendy pushchairs of today. The prams we had were sold, metal cast chariots with proper hoods and brakes, and bouncy suspensions!  Real miniature versions of our younger brothers and sisters prams.

For most grown up mums, a traditional, heritage pram may be inpractical as an everyday pram nowadays. So unless you are lucky enough to have the budget for a second pram for a special occassion, a full size Silver Cross heritage coach pram is probably out of the question. They certainly won’t fit in the boot of a car or help you on and off a train.

But as a doll’s pram – where practicality is not the main issue – these traditional, heritage  prams are wonderful and will certainly have your little girl smiling. A luxury item, the traditional doll’s prams by Silver Cross are handmade in Yorkshire to the same Balmoral design, and the same build quality, as the grown up coach prams. Just check out the overlapping spoked wheels, the curved handles and the hood details! And to make this an extra special gift, the pram can be personalised this year with the name of your little girl or her favourite doll.

A delightful object that will last for years. The ‘Cherished’ doll’s pram is available in pink exclusively at The Oberon pram in navy blue is also available.