Traditional Rag Doll for little girls

Dolls for little girls are a bit of a difficult one to negotiate. Do you go for the baby doll, or the talking doll or the all round ablutions doll for the little girl desparate for a baby to play with? We think a lot of them look a bit frightening if we’re perfectly honest.




So here’s a new/old one for you. Harking back to a traditional rag doll you don’t see many dolls that are as beautiful as the current range from Silver Cross.  There’s the Victoria dressing up doll complete with three different outfits. Then you can go for the Mollie, Beth and Rosie traditional rag dolls with beautifully detailed clothes that are also removable. Finally, there’s the fantastic Grace topsy turvy doll whose long floral skirt turns over to reveal a sleep time Grace! A delight for doll loving little girls that won’t make you have nightmares.

We have a Beth doll and she really is lovely. The doll is wonderful quality, and the clothes have real attention to detail. The red coat and shoes struck a chord with our little niece who is a real dolly girl (unlike fluxling #1 who was never a pram pusher and if we’re honest about it is more of a dinosaur fiend).

The dolls have a collector’s item feel. They come in boxes with no pictures or cellophane. The dolls are soft but not floppy, and are suitable from birth. These also make a lovely gift for a special occasion – a christening or a bridesmaid gift.

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