Fairy tale meets concept book – and a tiny, lonely king welcomes big changes – in this inspired picture book, beautifully illustrated with bold, geometric art.




This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the tale of a tiny king surrounded by a big castle, big soldiers, a big bed and even a big horse. It’s not much fun for the Tiny King until everything changes when he marries a big princess who becomes his Queen.

This story is just so sweet and funny! And the illustrations use big bright cut outs and collage creating a lovely geometric and bold effect. We’re very impressed with this Walker Books’ publication by Japanese artist Taro Miura. It’s a heart-warming, witty story that will appeal to the little ones aged maybe 2 to 4, but with an aesthetic that can be equally enjoyed by bigger kids. A future favourite.

The Tiny King by Taro Miura is published by Walker Books