From the wonderful art masterpiece inspired series by Prestel, ‘The Three Musicians’ is a book completely inspired by the famous Picasso painting of the same name.


The Three Musicians von Veronique Massenot



Veronique Massenot writes around the painting, coming up with a beautifully imaginative tale, perfectly pitched for children, about how three travelling musicians save a gloomy town from its fear of a monster. The accompanying illustrations by artist, Vanessa Hie, capture the mood of the painting and other Picasso work. The images use brightly hued watercolors, bold lines, and graphic images to familiarize children with Picasso’s style.

Closing with an image of the actual masterpiece – a cubist work painted in 1921 that now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York – the book tells the reader about Picasso himself, his fascination with theater and music, and his passionate pleas for peace in the wake of world war.

This is a wonderful childrens book introducing young minds to the great artist in a subtle and creative way. The story is engaging and the images just delightful. Highly recommended!