Yellow Submarine

By The Beatles Published by Walker Books

A great pop culture introduction for children, this is the book of The Beatles song, The Yellow Submarine from the Revolver album. The film inspired by the song was released in 1968 and became a classic for its pioneering pop art and animation created by a team led by Heinz Edelmann. In 1999 the film was restored and released on DVD, and its refound popularity led to the release of this book in 2004. Looking at it from a child’s eyes, there is nothing dated about this book (or the film for that matter). Young Fred fights the Blue Meanies in his yellow submarine to save laughing Pepperland, encountering some wonderful characters along the way. Of course, the heroes are the four fab musicians who just might be able the help!

The book was re-issued in a midi, hardback format last year and inspirationally imaginative, we have had this on bedtime rotation for weeks. Fluxling #1 finds it exceptionally funny and quotes it at us all the time which is quite funny for a six year old. Her favourite character is the Nowhere Man. The illustrations follow the film animations and are just timeless despite their clear sixties origins.

Highly, poptastically, musically, recommended.