What can I say about the comeback of a gang of green superheroes that I thought I’d never see again?

Today’s retro culture has now gone full circle with the resurrection of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many dads up and down the country will feel the strange sensation I did on going to watch a film with their kids that brings back all sorts of long forgotten childhood memories and feelings.

This has had a 21st century makeover so the Turtles action is cranked up with lots of CGI injected action sequences and it has a star in the guise of Megan Fox who plays reporter April O’Neil. She is basically the investigative journalist and all round good egg who is taking on the Foot Clan a dangerous criminal organisation that has been sending shockwaves through New York City with their heinous acts.

Imagine the shock she gets when she happens upon a gang of 6 foot green super Turtles who are doing over the evil gang with their fast and nimble ninja skills delivering one liners as they go. She gets to meet her new allies including Leornardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael who are linked to her in more ways than one. It turns out that they are in fact her former pets who had been injected by her murdered scientist dad and billionaire industrialist and bad guy Eric Sacks. Now she is reunited with her former pets they are ready to take on the evil corporation that killed her father and is busy doing evil deeds everywhere.

There’s lots of wisecracks along the way and much munching on pizza, the food of choice of any respecting Ninja Turtle. These super muscly green mutant turtles look set to capture the imaginations of a brand new generation of youngsters everywhere and be a strange blast for the past for their dads.

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