How to cut costs on your summer 2017 holiday

Starting to plan your summer 2017 holiday? Check out the top tips from an online voucher code and money saving website to help you make sure you don’t spend over the odds for your summer holiday.

Booking and travelling at the right time, knowing how to find the best prices and how to save money on accommodation, watch the video below to save money with My Voucher Codes helpful hints.

It’s not getting any cheaper to book a holiday, many families are feeling the pinch at the moment and you might think affording a holiday might not be on the cards this year. However, no matter what your budget, online voucher code and money saving website can help you find the best deals for a break away.

Discussing the tips the video gives to cut costs for your summer holiday, Managing Director of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said:

“A holiday is a luxury for many families and they may feel like at the moment it’s not a luxury they can afford. However we want to help families out by sharing our tips to cutting your summer holiday costs. Simply by looking at when to book and what time of day to travel can save you £100s. If you don’t have children, there are more options available to save more money by travelling just out of season and during term time.”

He added:

“Even for families, there are a few things you can do to save money, such as booking all-inclusive or looking at travelling as a larger group and staying in a villa to share costs. We understand that travelling is not going to get any cheaper any time soon and we still want families to be able to take some time away and we hope they can manage this with our helpful tips.“



  1. Travelling over school and public holidays will cost more. Peak season dates also have price increases.
  2. If you don’t have children in school, travel in term time and just before or after high season. Most places and attractions will be open but it will be cheaper and quieter.
  3. Keep a check on prices before you book, sign up to airline and travel websites to be alerted to the best deals.
  4. Use for discounts when booking.

DIY or Package holiday

There are ways you can save when booking either DIY trips or package holidays.


  1. Use flight comparison sites such as to view the cheapest options. They show available fares on or around your chosen dates.
  2. Don’t book direct flights; you pay extra for the convenience of flying without any stops or layovers. Flights with one or more stops are often cheaper.
  3. Fly mid-week to cut costs. Early or late afternoon flights are cheapest.
  4. Book early. Prices rise as seats get filled up.
  5. Look at only taking hand luggage to save on the cost of checking a bag.
  6. When searching for accommodation, use comparison sites to find the best deals for hotels.
  7. Stay just outside of popular tourist areas for cheaper accommodation.
  8. Sites such as Airbnb offer great accommodation in sought after locations at a reduced rate and are often much cheaper than hotels.
  9. Renting apartments or villas can offer better value for money, especially if traveling as a group.

Package holiday

  1. Travel dates and times can be more restricted with package holidays.
  2. But you can still save money by booking just out of season and during term time.
  3. Always look online before booking to find the cheapest prices, then ask for the deal in store or over the phone with travel agents.
  4. Book in advance as flights and accommodation get booked up quickly, and as they do, prices rise throughout the year.
  5. Or if you’re not too bothered about your destination or accommodation, book last minute for deals for some savings.
  6. Use transfers supplied by travel companies; the cost is included into the price of your holiday.
  7. Watch your weight – don’t go over your luggage allowance or you will be charged.
  8. If you’re travelling as a family try all-inclusive options to save money on meals out and drinks as well as free activities.
  9. If you have young children, look for accommodation with kids clubs.


Travel and Parking

  1. Airport shuttles cHow to cut costs on your summer 2017 holidayan be expensive, look for cheaper routes and fares.
  2. Public transport can be more affordable, but usually takes longer. Look at using Uber or Lyft instead of airport taxis.
  3. Use comparison sites for the best airport parking deals such as or

At the airport

  1. Take your own food and snacks instead of buying expensive food in the airport to avoid paying a premium on your flight.
  2. Check approved lists showing what foods and amounts are permitted on your flight.
  3. Take an empty water bottle and fill it up once past security.

Additional tips

  1. Ensure you book with ABTA registered companies.
  2. Pay by credit card; you’re covered by ‘section 75’ of the Consumer Credit Act if something goes wrong.
  3. Buy travel insurance that covers cancellations once you have booked. Read all the small print and disclose all health issues.
  4. If travelling in Europe, apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). They allow you to receive free or reduced price treatment in Europe.
  5. Use comparison sites to get the best deals for your travel money.
  6. Use pre-paid travel credit cards for ease and convenience.