Back to school rituals: Got your school shoes yet?

We love the annual ritual of choosing new school shoes! And with Step2wo offering not only an amazing range but gorgeous stores across the UK to do the whole process in, we getting ready for our yearly outing.

In the midst of holiday fun, there’s a back to school mantra playing loud in parents’ heads. It’s an aria of what we need to buy – with a bassline of check out last year’s uniform for anything not too worn or too small (footnote: put in bag for younger cousin/kid down street!).



Amongst all the PE kit woes, stained shirts and frayed trousers, my favourite part of the annual school uniform refresh has to be the shoes. Feet grow and even if they still just fit, shoes will almost never be reusable from last year. Plus, it’s nice to have new shoes to start the school year. And if you need any other excuses, what’s better than shoe shopping even with kids – all those lovely shiny black and brown styles to choose from? Leather, patent, buckles, Velcro, shoe shopping is one of life’s fun things to do. When you’ve pored over the styles available and selected your favourite, you can try them on. The store’s fitter super attentive, helping you get the expert fit just right. Walking around the shop and looking in the mirrors. Boxes and tissue paper and big shopping bags.

At Step2wo the range this year includes some gorgeous high quality styles designed in London and manufactured in specialist factories in Italy and Spain. It’s worth investing in quality at this time of year, and I always tend to go for the chunky, traditional styles like the State black leather brogues or the Regina mary janes with brogue detailing updated with a velcro band. Love the girly styles too with patent and cute little bows. The littlest fluxling is still fully committed to velcro or zips so he’s not back of the queue getting dressed after P.E. so my guess is that he’ll be seduced by the Caller style with its two Velcro straps or a too cool for school Chelsea boot with zipper!

I used to love shoe shopping for back to school shoes when I was a kid and my kids love it too. What’s not to like? It’s an occasion that we like to make into a day out with some lunch at a nice café and maybe a movie afterwards. Then showing off the purchases back home.

Step2wo back to school shoes are available online at, and at Harvey Nichols in London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh, and at Step2wo stores across London.


Top tips for buying school shoes:

  • The shape of the shoe should be suitable for the child’s foot. Try to avoid pointed toes and any type of heel. Ballet pumps and shoes with no support are only advisable for older children.
  • Find a shoe that has an adjustable strap or fastening to hold the foot in place, so the foot doesn’t move around. This is particularly important for younger children.
  • Rubber and thermo plastic soles are preferable as they provide the optimal level of durability and flexibility for the lifetime of the shoe. Ideally the shoe should have a slight dip at the front to enable the child to rock back and forward when walking.
  • Stick to leather and ensure that the lining of the shoe is leather too, as this will ensure the shoe is breathable.
  • Try to get your child’s foot measured by an expert. Step2wo stores provide master shoe fitters to ensure that your child leaves with the most suitable shoes.