Slugs & Snails say Boys in Tights for Winter!

Boys in tights! Why is it such a quandry? I have had actual discussions – that were causing some consternation – on whether it’s OK to dress little boys in tights under their trousers in the colder winter months.

But why should fluxling #2 have freezing cold legs while his older sister is warm and cosy in her woollies?

And now totally eliminating the issue, how could anyone resist the brilliant designs that are around for little boy’s legs with designers producing some wonderful boys tights especially for our little men?



Slugs & Snails, based in Northern Ireland, are the first company making tights specifically for boys. They say, “Unlike jeans and trousers our boys tights allow your child the freedom to bend and move freely and in a way that conventional leg wear just doesn’t allow. They feel good too, which means that your little boy can enjoy all the thrills of being a kid unrestricted – isn’t that the best way?”

And there are other benefits. No more lost socks. And no more bare legs when trousers roll up when the little man is being carried around.

The designs are perfect and fun – ghosts or aliens on black, or aeroplances and space rockets flying around on blue. The graphics are fun showstoppers. I really didn’t want to hide the ones we got under trousers so fluxling #1 has been going trouser-less or wearing the tights with shorts. Both options look really fantastic. In fact, so good I’d be more than happy to put the ghost or alien options on girls too – why should they miss out?

The people at Slugs & Snails have indeed thought of everything. Their designs (unlike girl’s tights) don’t stop at the knee, so if you do let your boy wear them without trousers the designs go all the way up! Plus each pair has anti-slip soles to give grip to busy little feet. The boys tights are 80% cotton, and are really stretchy fitting perfectly even over our fabric nappies.

So you can keep him warm in style for a couple of years longer before convention takes over and he refuses to wear tights in front of his friends at school!

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