The Scramblebug by Mookie may not be a typical fluxlings toy. But I wanted to include a quick review of it because we got one for fluxlings #2 around his first birthday and it really is a brilliantly designed ride on for the very little ones.


The Scramblebug is designed like an insect with eyes and spots. It has a slender seat that goes wider and higher to the back so the child tends to slip down to stay on.

Its four castor wheels mean it can crawl around everywhere like an insect too – going in all directions. Quite quickly sometimes too.

The Scramblebug is small enough for the very little ones – fluxling #2 could fit it and ride it even before he started walking. This means you can use it a bit like a walker, but much more fun. It helps with coordination and steering and the fixed handlebars mean the steering does not go all over the place.

It feels really sturdy, and is easy to get on and off. Fluxlings #2 is only little for a one year old, and he is all over it. I get the feeling it is going to see a lot of use this year.

A couple of extra benefits to this too. First, there are no screwdrivers required! It comes ready assembled. Second, it folds away really easily to become something like flat, and easily fits under our pram if we want to take it to the park.

Don’t get this for a bigger toddler, as it would likely be too small, but for the little ones it’s a perfect intro to biking. I would say a step towards a confident ride on that balance bike by time they are two or three!

The Scramblebug come in black and orange, or blue and red. Available at all sorts of toy stores now for around £27.