You can get two kinds of those little model dinosaurs and toy animals that you’ll probably remember from when you were a child.

There’s the kind that you can get a bag of for £2.99 in the local discount shop. Or there’s the true to scale, handpainted kind that are made by companies like Schleich.



These models are taken very seriously making sure that their prehistoric size, features and colours are as true to the real animal as possible. You might think you’ll struggle to tell the difference, but really, you absolutely can!

We’re great fans of all things Schleich in the fluxlings household – from the dinosaurs to the animals (you can get just about anything from a kangaroo to a meerkat, from farmyard to jungle) to the fantasy figures for the a bit older ones. And they come in all sizes – last year we managed to get a Braichiasauros figure by Schleich that stands about a foot tall. It’s pretty magnificent! Unbreakable, non-stop playable, these animals and characters look great too.

New for this year are these two marvellous model dinosaur specimens – I’m not sure of the exact names of these monsters, but they will make fantastic playthings for boys and girls alike. Plus we are seriously liking this model Enchantress and her Elf Ice Sleigh that is a bit festive, but will be great for character play all year around!

You can see these and other Schleich offerings at