Classic children’s stories are like hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered. And making sure they are not buried forever, Pushkin Children’s Books have launched a library of some well known and some less well known stories in their ‘Save the Story’ series.


New to the world of children’s publishing this year, Pushkin are on a mission to share the very best stories from around the world, and this is an impressive start.

Retold by a super list of contemporary writers, Save the Story presents classic tales for modern children. And those children are certainly in for a treat!

The first set of four books include tales from Ancient Greece in ‘The Story of Antigone’ retold by Ali Smith and the Jonathan Swift masterpiece, ‘The Story of Gulliver’ retold by Jonathan Coe, as well as ‘The Story of Don Juan’ and ‘The Story of Captain Nemo’ by Dave Eggers.

Spanning a range of genres from comedy and romance to mythology, this is a wonderful series of books that would delight any child. Each book comes in hardback and is uniquely and beautifully illustrated. There’s an explanatory ‘Afterword’ entitled ‘Where Is This Story From?’ that tells the reader about the history of the story, putting the tale in context. These are marvellously written books, making the stories accessible and engrossing, and the editions are beautifully constructed to make gifts to be treasured for Christmas!

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