Rylee & Cru: Illustrated kids fashion for AW17

Always on the look-out for the newest, coolest kids brands, we were delighted to stumble upon the wonderful printed outfits by California-based Rylee and Cru available at babycubby.com.

Founded by illustrator Kelli Murray, Rylee and Cru merge art and imagination to create gorgeous, great quality pieces in soft jersey for modern children. The brand is as new as they get, founded only last year by Kelli in San Diego, Southern California right on the Mexican border.



Kelli has a myriad of experience working as a blogger, graphic artist and fashion designer but is now focusing her time completely on Rylee and Cru (as well as being a mum of course!). She is inspired by nature, travel and her kids and friends, as well as chasing her dreams which is exactly what she is doing with Rylee and Cru.

Kelli’s first love was fashion, and she worked as a designer for a fashion company after college. Illustration was something she taught herself whilst working, and it grew to be a passion that led to a freelance career. After her daughter was born in 2011, the struggle to find clothing that appealed to her artistic aesthetic made Kelli think that one day she would love to create a label of her own. A few years she got the courage together to take the first steps, and Rylee and Cru was born.

The pieces are all hand garment dyed, giving them a cosy vintage feel right out of the box. Shapes are specially designed for baby’s shapes so they are super comfortable and the fabrics are soft, making dressing easy for baby and mum alike. The aesthetic is minimal, reflecting Kelli’s own style which is very modern meets vintage, with influences from Scandinavian design. Colours are beautifully warm, neutral and muted. The collection is designed in San Diego and produced in Los Angeles supported by expertise from Kelli’s father who is a silk screen printer.

But it’s the illustrated prints created by Kelli that make Rylee and Cru really stand out. Like the simple medallion motif repeated on a slouch dress, or the fox’s head on the babygros, or the sleeveless jumpsuits covered in tiny fir trees. All of the artwork on the garments is original and hand illustrated by Kelli. It’s early days but the signs are good for Rylee and Cru!

Images courtesy of Rylee & Cru and Jackie Wonders Photo.