Taking a trip to Rome with kids

Rome has forever been associated as a romantic city that’s perfect for short breaks for couples. However, while it certainly is an ideal destination for a romantic break, it also makes the perfect destination for a family break too, whether that’s for a weekend or a weeklong trip.

There are so many things for you to see and do if you choose to travle to Rome with kids. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the top activities that are always a firm favourite of families who visit this beautiful city.


Taste some Italian gelato

All kids love ice cream, right? Allow your children to taste test gelato from some of the finest gelaterias in the world as you make your way through the city of Rome. You can be sure that they will be boasting to their friends back home about the fantastic gelato they tasted during their trip and chances are that the gelato alone will have them longing to return.

Visit the Colosseum

Children and adults alike simply love to visit the Colosseum in Rome. The remains of the world famous amphitheatre are steeped in history and there are some great family tours on offer to bring you behind the scenes and learn about the history of the momentous Colosseum from aptly dressed actors.

Set sight on wonderful art

Do your kids have an interest or flair for Art? If so, Rome will blow their minds with the numerous art masterpieces it offers including the infamous Michelangelo painted Sistine Chapel roof and of course the Piazza del Campidoglio, also by Michelangelo. Indeed Rome itself is a work of art with beautiful masterpieces on shows in many museums, buildings and churches.

Sample the opera

Even if your children have previously expressed feelings of disregard towards operas and classical music, do not let that deter you from taking them to see an opera in Rome. The city offers some of the world’s most talented musicians and opera singers and is sure to offer your children an opera experience like never before. Rome opera tickets are pretty affordable too so it’s the best chance you’ve got to draw your children into the wonderful world of opera.

Marvel at the Treviso fountain

Rome is full of many marvellous fountains but the one that’s sure to have your kids gaping in awe and ever so excited to dip into their pockets is the world famous Treviso fountain. It will undoubtedly be unlike anything they have ever seen and its beauty can transfix children like you could never imagine.

See the Pope

If you’re taking a trip to Rome with your kids, you’ll definitely need to take them into the independent state of the Vatican City. If not just to wow in awe of the wondrous Sistine Chapel, take them to the Vatican City on the off-chance that you “could” just see the pope or at least see where he lives – wouldn’t that be a tale to tell their friends?

Whether or not you have been to Rome before, experiencing the city as a family brings about a whole new, exciting, enjoyable experience so go ahead; take the kids to Rome!