Cute Retro T-Shirts from Fabric Flavours

Why do all kids look cute in retro t-shirts? Be it Sesame Street, Tom and Jerry or Superman, all the nanas, grandads and parents go ahhhh… and the kids love them too. If you want your garment to last though make sure you get the quality right. No point having a Mickey Mouse that’s peeled off the fabric or one that shrinks after the first wash.

Fabric Flavours bring all your best loved characters to life on t-shirts and baby bodies that actually last and feel good to boot. The designs are bright and well thought out and the fabric is premium quality. They use all techniques to bring out the best in each short be it foil printing, hand-stitching cut hems or felt applique and all fabric is pre-washed for extra softness.

These are t-shirts to keep, use and treasure – not just wear once for a party. You can see the full range for yourself at