Newborns’ little bodies and senses are extra sensitive, so playtime should aim to stimulate baby’s sense of sight, sound and touch the first few weeks. Join this new mother as she shows her favorite playtime games that encourage bonding, growth, trust and happiness with your brand newborn baby.



Remember, babies love interaction with you, and the response you get with those first smiles, giggles and gazes will be reward for your efforts. And let’s face it, it’s not exactly a chore. One totally unwitting thing we tried with fluxling #2 was blowing. We would blow gently on his tummy and cheeks (not on his nose or mouth though), and he loved it. Then one day when he was maybe about three or four months old, we felt a little breeze coming back at us. He had actually figured out how to blow right back at us. He was so proud of himself!