Looking for a unique piggy bank, I stumbled upon this amazing variety cast from a real pig! Needless to say, the pig is one who died of natural causes, but we hope you agree the resulting realistic casting makes for a conversation piece to say the least!

The piggy banks are a wopping real life 18 inches long by 10 inches wide, so will hold a fortune in savings for the littles ones – around 10,000 dollar bills so no mean savings account.

Plus imagine the fun counting all those donations from grandparents emptying out pockets of shrapnel.

Made from resin and marble, these are not easily breakable pieces so goods for the kids to stroke and pat. And so beautiful, you will not mind them displayed in your living room.

The pigs come in a variety of colours, but we love these bright metallic versions in blues, golds and purples!

Designer Harry Allen is based in New York city, and has won awards for his many and varied skills from furniture design, to interiors, to glassware, jewellery, lighting and a range of cosmetics cases for Aveda and Estee Lauder.

His philosphy includes phrases like, “Beauty is no longer soley defined by aesthetics. The time has come for intelligent, conceptual design solutions.” And on humility Allen says, “Designs are like people. Some are self conscious loud and obnoxious. They beg for attention. We tire of their presence. We enjoy a more thoughtful crowd: well dressed designs that engage the customer.”

Our thoughts exactly Harry!

Cast from a pig that died of natural causes. The bank holds up to $10,000 in dollar bills.

See www.harryallendesign.com for information on Harry’s designs, or www.areaware.com to purchase a piggy bank! Piggy Banks vary in price depending on colour but are around $220 plus delivery. Some colours are also available in the UK from SCP East, 135 Curtain Road London EC2A 3BX (www.scp.co.uk).