Perfect gifts for kids of every age

Perfect gifts for kids of every age – words Alexa Wang

Kids love to receive presents and there is no end to the variety of weird and wonderful gift options that will make them grin from ear to ear as the tear off the wrapping paper. Read on to learn more about some of our favourite suggestions for those perfect gifts for kids!



For being such little things babies accumulate all sorts of things in the first year or two of their lives. Babies grow so fast that they quickly grow out of clothes, so don’t go overboard with the designer baby grows! Asking the new parents what they genuinely need is a great place to start, if you are a parent yourself draw on your own experiences and get a gift that genuinely helped you out when you were in their shoes.


At this stage in life kids are discovering their motor skills, help them along the way with a toy that will build their skills and help them explore and understand the world around them. Toddlers are great mimics and love to copy what they see grownups doing. Combine these two traits by gifting a toddler sized work bench and tool kit for wee ones to practice their sawing and hammering without any risk!


If you want your gift to do some good in the wider world and encourage activism from a young age, consider adopting an animal as a gift for a child that is interested in nature. Most adoption sets come with items that will appeal to children such as a plushie version of the animal in question, information about where they live and how the animal and its habitat is being protected. Depending on which option you choose the recipient may even receive regular updates throughout the year. Large wildlife organisations will be the easiest to find out information about adoption packages as gifts, but local organisations will also have something to offer. It may seem tempting to go with an exciting animal like a lion or elephant, getting children interested and engaged with the local wildlife around them such as badgers, bats and deer is just as important as international conservation efforts.


The tween stage can pose some tricky gifting options. At this age kids can feel that they are too old for toys, yet they are not quite old enough for items that might appeal to teenagers. We have found great success with DIY style craft kits. Craft kits are a great way to give tweens a sense of independence as they can complete the activity with little or no help from there adults.

If crafting is not where their interests lie (or you know that their parents will not thank you for any mess that may be created) find out who their favourite band or singer is and consider the idea of tickets to see their favourite star in concert.


Gift certificates and straight up cold, hard cash are always going to go down well with teenagers but that is not your only option when it comes to pleasing this notoriously difficult demographic of giftees. If you are struggling to think of the perfect gift check out the vast array of experiential gifts available on Groupon. There are all sorts of options for an exciting day out with a moody teen; from makeup classes to rides around a race track in a super car, you are sure to find something to suit their interests.

Almost adults

If a young person in your life is heading off to college or University and will be living away from home for the first time, there is no shortage of gift ideas that will help get them started in their new place. Kitchen items like mixing bowls, spatulas or a good set of knives are an incredibly practical gift with the bonus that they will be used on a very regular basis. If you have doubts about getting such practical minded gifts look for items that are colourful, funny or give a nod to the recipient’s interests. Not only will it be a more interesting item than one they would have bought for themselves on a potentially very limited budget, but it could act as a great conservation starter with new flatmates.

Perfect gifts for kids of every age – words Alexa Wang