Paperboy boys wallpaper and fabrics

Paperboy make wonderfully edgy designs into boys wallpaper and fabric! From animal skeletons to dinosaurs and dragons, this is our current favourite. Splash it all over your walls and upholstery in bedrooms and even in the lounge.



Paperboy was conceived when mother of six year old boys, Victoria, tried to update their nursery with something that would stimulate the imaginations of her sons. Unsurprisingly, her search drew a blank. It is really difficult to find things for children that are neither soppy and twee, or plastered with characters from cartoon series.

So Victoria went it alone. Canvassing her sons for ideas, she drew out her first designs. Any parent of a five or six year old will probably not be surprised with what they came up with. Dinosaurs, skeletons, pets and dragons. Things from imaginary, magical stories brought up to date by interpreting them as silhouettes and shadows.

The Paperboy boys wallpaper and fabric designs are a brilliant collection in simple, two tone colours – blues, reds, greens, or blacks. The patterns work equally well on chairs, cushions or lamps, plastered over walls, or both.

Designed with boys in mind, the collection certainly has the ingredients that boys would love. But for girls who are not so princess-obsessed, some of these designs work just as well. And if Victoria wanted to do a couple of variations for girls, we’re sure they’d be received well by mothers recoiling against chintz and Dora the Explorer or Disney Princesses!

The 2010 collection started with the ‘Handmade’ design – a series of shadow hand-puppets for the kids to try to copy, ‘Animal Magic’ featuring slightly macabre cat and rabbit skeletons in contrasting green or blue with black or metallics and the ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus’ dinosaur fabric with the silhouettes of T-rex and co maurauding across the walls. New for 2011 are designs featuring dragons and castles, spitfires or ‘Animatronics’ mechanical animals.

We’d be happy to see any of these designs in our house – either in the fluxlings’ bedrooms or in the grown up areas where the edgy designs of paperboy would look amazing with traditional furniture shapes.

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