‘Pan’: Exclusive World Premiere Report


The story of Peter Pan is so ingrained in English childhood, that any new release about Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook is received with glee. But ‘Pan’, the latest advernture into Neverland has us particularly excited at fluxlings.

The film features newcomer, Levi Miller, as Peter Pan. Premiering on Sunday in London, The origin story of Peter Pan, ‘Pan’ follows a young Peter living a harsh life in an orphanage. But one night, a flying ship comes to take him to Neverland.

Arriving in this strange land and taken prisoner by Blackbeard, Peter teams up with a young James Hook – who has yet to lose his hand – and native tribeswoman Tiger Lily to defeat the evil pirate and restore freedom to Neverland. Levi Miller makes his film debut as the young ‘Pan’, alongside Garrett Hedlund (‘Unbroken’) as Hook, Rooney Mara (‘The Social Network’) as Tiger Lily and Hugh Jackman (‘The Wolverine’) as Blackbeard. There is even an appearance from model, Cara Delevingne, as a mermaid.

A must see this autumn for families of all descriptions, watch out for the Pan related Christmas lists inspired by the movie!

‘Pan’ is released in the UK on 16th October 2015.