Lumilove Barbapapa and the Barbapapa Carrousel

When these wonderful lights arrived from Pabobo, I loved the funny little character on the Barbapapa Carousel light and the Lumilove Barbapapa, and at first assumed that Barbapapa was the invention of the French lighting designers. But I’ve been told on good authority, that in the late 60s that little character existed in a little remembered but iconic cartoon series. And if you look online you can see some episodes – it was a French cartoon naturally dubbed into English in the UK; very cute and colourful, featuring a transforming blob of a creature – Barbapapa – and his equally transformative family.

Now these lights do have a little of that retro feel and they are certainly cute and friendly companions for nightime. The Barbapapa Carousel has a wonderful luminous motif of colourful characters that become visible when the light is switched on. The ‘carousel’ element comes in when the pictures rotate using the heat from its own bulb – meaning it is absolutely silent which is brilliant! – creating a wobbly, dreamy motion that is really relaxing. The rotation is not immediate as you have to wait for the light to warm up, but it begins to turn in less than a minute, so you soon begin to see swirling, dreamy patterns on the wall and ceiling. The characters themselves are not projected – but what is projected is an almost underwater world, helped by the lovely blue glow from the light. The Carousel gives out quite a lot of light, so it is more of a relaxing ‘down to sleep’ light than for actually using through the night. We have it on for bedtime stories!

The Barbapapa Lumilove is a really tactile little man, a bit like a wobbly weeble. When Barbapapa lights up, it is a soft, luminous glow, so not too bright but bright enough to be reassuring to little ones in the dark. The light switches off via a little switch buried on the bottom, so no wires or exposed parts at all, meaning it is totally handle-able by the kids. It charges by placing it on a base, and an led on his tummy changes from red to green when fully charged. The charge lasts easily through the night, with the light fading rather than going out completely as the charge dies down. With no heating up, we were perfectly happy to leave it in the baby’s cot – and for him to play with it during the day too. And our five year old at first said this was one for the baby, but in fact soon tried to claim it and we let her cuddle up to it when she wakes in the night! The other thing is the charger is small enough to throw in a case for holidays, so for a bit of familiarity when away this is a hit too!

We love these magical little lights – really cool characters, fun and of course reassuring in the dark hours.

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