Otterburn Baby blankets are made in a mill in Northumberland that has been weaving luxury wool blankets since 1821.

At fluxlings we are strong believers in heirlooms. Heaven knows, when you have a child you are innundated with so many gifts. They are all well meaning, and gratefully accepted on that level. But if we really admit it, many of these gifts are offensive to any sense of taste. We have all had the frilly girls dress that is more suitable for a US pageant queen. We have all had the Disney covered blankets, and the Barbie dolls for three year olds.

So I am always looking at the heirloom route. That way, you know you are going to end up with a collection of beautiful items that you can use for your child, and pass on to siblings or cousins, or grandchildren, building up memories as they go. Not a binful of shabby, unwanted plastic or supermarket fabrics.

Otterburn baby blankets fit the heirloom remit – as we hope a lot of things we mention on fluxlings do. Otterburn Mill has been weaving luxury woollen fabric from 1821 in the hearth of Northumberland. Since then, the mill has used local wool to produce blankets and cloth. The mill has royal connections too to prove the point, producing specially commissioned baby blankets for the newborn Queen in 1926. But the main point is that these are authentic, 100% pure wool, British rugs. Soft and warm. In traditional check combinations of cream, lavendar, pink and blue.

The Otterburn Baby Blankets range includes the Otterburn Pram Rug and the larger Otterburn Cot Rug. Both are double layered with checks on one side – in pink, blue and cream and reversible cream backs. These are beautifully dense rugs that really feel as though they will last forever.