On the Sly (A Pas de Loup) sees Olivier Ringer direct his daughter Wynona Ringer in the role of Cathy, a little girl who is convinced her parents can’t see her.

To prove she is right, she decides to disappear and begins an extraordinary adventure.


Fluxling #1 is a film addict. Her favourites include Fantastic Mr Fox, anything to do with Clash of the Titans (1980s or current remakes!), anything to do with monsters, and anything fantasy and/or by Tim Burton (except The Night Before Christmas which gives her nightmares due to bad treatment of Father Christmas). Other than that, she is more scared of the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty than she is by Jaws or Lord of the Rings. So any new kids films we get the chance to see are lapped up in a frenzy.



‘On the Sly’ sounded like an interesting proposition. A French film, the unusual dialogue (which is more of a narrative monologue) is dubbed into English, but don’t let that put you off. The speech is more of a commentary train of thought, so you won’t see any lips go out of sink.

The story focusses almost 100% on Cathy, a little girl who feels totally isolated. Her parents pay her so little attention, she begins to wonder if in fact, they cannot see her. After testing them at a petrol station en route to their holiday home, Cathy decides to disappear in earnest letting them set off back to Paris thinking she is in the back of the car. And she is right – they don’t notice, and so Cathy begins an adventure in the woods with a pet fish, a wild beast, and some superb survival skills.

Don’t watch this expecting a fantasy, fairy filled spectacular. On the Sly is an unusual film for kids as it is shot realistically, with all the focus on Cathy and her own imagination revealed by the train of thought narration. The photography in the woods and in the dark is beautiful, conveying the isolation of the child – both literally in the woods, and in her relationship with her parents. The film is extremely engaging, and makes you stop and think – not only about the feelings of the child, but also of the trials of distracted modern parents. It’s a quiet enchanting film haunted by the adults searching for the child in the background. How can they find her when she doesn’t want to be found?

Fluxling #1 says: I liked On the Sly. The beast is funny. The fish looks yummy. It was a bit spooky. I don’t like the mum and dad and they did not notice the girl. The girl is very good actress. I give it five stars!!!

ON THE SLY (A pas de loup) is directed by Olivier Ringer and stars Wynona Ringer. Released by Showcomotion Films on Friday 1 June 2012 at selected venues nationwide.