A Flower Bomb called ‘Oh So Pretty’ by Cosatto

Like a flower bomb to brighten up your days, the styling for this special edition of the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair is a hit with us this autumn putting a big, bright smile on our face as soon as we opened the box!

Cosatto are hitting all the right notes with their designs, with quirky, stand out fashion conscious styles across the ranges.


Cosatto OhSoPretty


The Swift Lite Supa model is a great Cosatto pushchair just in itself. It’s light and easy to handle, but feels sturdy and top quality – not like it’s going to fall to pieces any second like some pushchairs. Made to provide a stylish ride from birth to 36 months, the pushchair folds up and down easily with levers in all the right places. It’s light and compact for getting in and out of the car, has lockable wheels, comfortable foam covered handles and a decent sized basket underneath. On a practical level it scores really highly for us.

For baby, it’s a cosy ride from the 3 position adjustable backrest to the zip off fleece liner for cosy toes and the head hugger for the very tiny. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out how to use the 2 position calf rest, but once we got there that’s a cinch too.

Whilst this is a lightweight pushchair, the Swift Lit Supa offers a trustyworthy, cosy ride even for the coldest winter days. There’s every accessory you’ll need, with a good sized matching bag and rain cover. The hood even has a little window so you can keep your eye on baby on the move.

But where Cosatto pushchairs are beating the competition hands down at the moment is in their quirky, graphic styling. This model is a blast for little girls with its magenta fabric covered in a deluge of yellow, blue and pink posies. Uncompromising, the ‘Oh So Pretty’ is not for any shrinking violets – with this pushchair expect to get very noticed indeed. The only thing I would add is smell-i-vision – wouldn’t it be just great if you got a blast of flower scents when you pushed this down the street!

Flower-power aside – and I’m not one for gender stereotypes – but fluxling #2 is a little boy who likes flowers but prefers pigs or dinosaurs so we’ll have to look at one of the other designs for him (or the grandparents will think we’ve gone mad – they already skirm when they see him wearing tights). Shame this didn’t come along when fluxling #1 was a baby. So if you’re in the same boat and a flower blast is not for you, the pushchair also comes in graphic styles featuring cats, Russian dollies (‘Hello Dolly’ of course!) and a bright yellow teddy. Our favourite for boys is ‘Little Monster’ featuring a massive monster with big teeth on the cover and black and white monster sketches on the lining.

For more information see www.cosatto.com