Muddy Puddles: Snowboots for Playdates with the Weather

Perfect for crunchy snow or slippery slush these classic children’s snowboots by Muddy Puddles have extra sturdy rubber soles for winter day adventures.


We’ve just got a pair of these for fluxling #2 age five and he is thrilled with them. We’ve been trying them out in the wet cold weather that has been lashing the country over the last few days, and there’s nothing better than knowing little feet snug and dry. He feels like he’s walking on the moon with these boots and their super cosy fur lining. Plus they come with the parental bonus of velcro straps and zips at the front to make it easy to get them easy to get on and off – something you don’t think of until you have to do it but a nightmare if the design is wrong. The rubber outsoles with ultra-grip will stop slipping on icy tracks. And by the way, you can stick them in the washing machine after a particularly muddy date with the weather!

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