From Japanese good luck charm, to in-print phenomena, Moshi Moshi Kawaii is the most fun your kids can get from a strawberry flavoured bunny. The aim of the game is to find Strawberry Moshi and her boyfriend, Super Moshi, from a page full of tiny Moshi’s inhabiting Moshi Town’s parks, racetracks, hospitals and dancfloors! And it’s not as easy as it sounds as Strawberry Moshi has lots of look-a-likes who are similar but don’t get it exactly right. Find your way to Delicious Land and make sure you avoid Scary Land in the Moshi maze. Also look out for Rockstar Moshi, Mermaid Moshi, Baby Moshi, Chef Moshi and the rest of the gang in these super books that literally had our four year old squealing with delight whenever she spotted the right one. Takes super attention to detail too – and will even get you competing with the kids to find the right Moshi first!

Very Japanese. Very cute. Strangely addictive fun.


‘Where is Strawberry Moshi’ and ‘Where is Strawberry Princess Moshi’ are both out now. Published by Walker Books. See