We’ve not gone full on Moshi in the fluxlings household as yet. But there are a couple of signposts there that are telling me it’s only a matter of time.

That in mind –  and not being of the mind that zero technology is good (we’re not in the 1970s afterall) – we might as well make it fun. So I am watching with interest the info on the forthcoming Moshi Monster’s movie that’s due to hit the big screens in December this year.



Taking the leap from the small screen to the big screen, the global kids’ phenomenon is getting ready for its debut in the UK this December in Moshi Monsters: The Movie. The animated feature will see the six lead monsters travel across the weird and wonderful world of Moshi on a fun-filled adventure.

Audiences will be able to join Katsuma, Poppet and the other Moshi Monsters (along with a very eager Mr Snoodle) in an action-packed, song-filled race against time to stop evil Dr Strangeglove and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips from pulverizing the recently discovered and extremely rare Great Moshling Egg. The fluxlings are very keen on the trailer – check it out! And I think a pre-Christmas visit to our lovely Manchester mulitplex is very much in the diary.

Moshi Monsters The Movie will be in cinemas December 20 2013. For more information visit www.moshimonsters.com