Momocreatura kids jewellery

Creative designer Momoko Tamura, is the brains behind innovative kids jewellery brand, Momocreatura. With a natural love for drawing and art that stemmed from her childhood, it was inevitable Momo would use her creative talents to do good in the design world, going on to study fine arts and jewellery making in Japan and then later graduate in MA Design – jewellery at Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design.



Heavily influenced by Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, Momo’s referencescreate delicate and whimsical figures. Her jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images, with her aim to allude to “another point of view or another world.” Her designs go beyond typical fashion jewellery, instead acting more like 3D illustrations or wearable miniature sculptures, which could have been handpicked straight from a child-like imagination.

Think Alice falls down the rabbit hole, not into Wonderland, but rather an overgrown, fantasy woodland of a lost secret garden, where creatures are presented in a series of whimsical ways. Oversized silver bat brooches clutch at the chest of the wearer, earrings feature delicate gold wild flowers and bunny pendants with charming and nonchalant wide eyed expressions are entwined with flowers and vines. And if you are looking for children, stick to those on the right side of macabre rather than the beautifully dark bears and rabbits on nooses!

On her work ethic Momo say, “I don’t see myself as a designer. It is more like natural way of expressing myself in an approach similar to that of a fine artist, rather than that of a typical designer.” The finely handcrafted jewellery has a certain boldness to it and would definitely serve as an immediate talking point for any outfit. In her own words, Momo describes the typical Momocreatura girl as, “a girl who has her own style and although you can’t tell at first glance from her appearance – is probably a rebel.”

Expect more uncanny and quirky jewellery from Momocreatura in the future!

Momocreatura is available at the new Luna & Curious store at 24-26 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP. See