Max & Lola: Kids Will Be Teens for Summer 2018

Always unexpected, always creative, never conventional, Max & Lola is one of those brands who you can always rely on catch your attention.

The Antwerp based childrens fashion brand have been running for over 30 years and they are still creating fiercely creative clothes for girls and boys.


Encompassing a whole sensibility, from the clothes themselves of course, but also the aesthetic – the imagery and the words that make up a lyrical fashion whole. Designed by Kaatje Sandra, it’s a label that fires tendrils out from its kid’s universe, capturing moments of imagination. The label features unique fabrics, wonderful cuts, and never takes itself too seriously with its colourful prints and lots of fun. A very modern label, with traditional artisan values.

So we thought you’d like to catch a glimpse of their SS18 collection, titled Kids will be Teens. Max & Lola themselves say it’s “for girls who dream of being well-dressed, who stare at butterflies, who try to catch the wind in their hair, or who wonder how the weather is on the moon. Or for boys who want to be birds with shiny feathers, who refuse to have their hair cut, who trade their shoes for an adventure or who refuse to pull up their sleeves.” See what you think. We’re loving it!

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