Madpax: Taking kids backpacks to a stand-out dimension

Making perfect standout Christmas gifts with their new definition of 3D style, you’ll be infatuated by the new backpack styles from the fabulous MadPax.

What can we say about MadPax? If you take a look at their backpacks designed to take kids to another dimension, you’ll be instantly besotted. fluxlings can testify that not only will these gorgeous statement bags get you noticed, they last and last, so there is no style over substance here.



We had our first MadPax bags about two years ago, and they are still looking great (and believe me, they have been used – a lot!). MadPax are not for the shrinking violets out there. There is one thing that can be guaranteed when you step out with your spike covered backpack, or your otherworldly bubble design, and that is that it will get noticed. We get complimented and asked where we got them from almost every time they are used – even the trendy young school teacher was drooling, and asking where she could get one.  They must be a bit special if they’re getting adult love as well creating bag envy amongst the kids!

MadPax backpacks have all the punk, funk and double dare a statement mad kid could ever want. You can choose 3D MadPax surfaces including spikes, bubbles, scales or quilting. Finishes include spectacular metallic, shimmering patent, or faux animal skin textures – or all at the same time for the totally unabashed. We’re loving the new styles for 2017 with particular standouts for us the Blue Mamba snakeskin pack covered in spikes, or the amazing cosmos inspired Interstellar, with its bubbling planetary surface. For the younger kids, try out the zany monster packs designed with Tattly artists, Ankepanke with a world of looney characters battling out in a spherical world.

MadPax come in three sizes to suit all sizes of kids, from high school to tinies, and designs that will keep then all happy too. Functionality is great with pouches and pockets to keep thing handy. Check out MadPax in time for Christmas gifts for kids at