#Leaversdisco! What’s a party without a few photos?

It’s all laughter and good times at the school disco with photo booth selfie fun.

School’s out for summer. And with the end of term round of school discos feeling like they were months ago already, parents and kids have time to reminisce on the school year. Bet it’s been eventful if it’s been anything like ours!



After all those ups and downs, primary school leavers’ discos are almost automatically something special. For eleven year olds ending year six at the school some of them have been at for seven or eight years, it’s a super special, often emotional occasion. And perhaps the parents are quite enjoying souping it up a bit too.

With leavers’ parties getting bigger and bolder every year, there’s pressure to make yours the best in the town. Some schools seem to be going to some lengths to do this, but I’m personally not sold on expecting eleven years olds to have fun in suits and frocks, especially the made-up girls in gowns and heels. We say let them enjoy their last chance at little school as young children. They’ll have time for all that when they leave high school in a few years if they want it!

So it was balloons and hot-dogs and mocktails and fairy lights and party DJ for us. But our one splurge was to book Manchester’s Imperial photo booth for our party. It turned out to be a great way to bring some serious hard copy selfie fun to the bash, capturing memories and giving the kids a fun send-off. As one of the younger boys said, “It looks very fancy!” and it did.

You can always tell by the queues when something’s going down well, and the line at our photo booth never went down. Bravely manned all evening, the kids got as many goes as they could fit in, lining up in pairs, in gaggles of girls, gangs of boys, big ones, little ones and everything in between. Once in the booth, the box of props supplied by Imperial springs into action. Hands grab props s swapping floppy hats, silly glasses and inflatable guitars. The digital technology snaps away and after four flashes, you’ve got four instant glossy memoirs for you and your friends. Two copies too so they can share them out!

The photos my kids walked away with are there; stood on my desk and mantelpiece; making me grin when I need to on that really busy day. Because let’s face it, how often do you actually hold a printed photo in your hands in this virtual world? And even then, if you can’t get over the need to share, electronic copies are available too, so you can still upload and socialise and tag as much as you like.

The pictures from our leavers disco are all laughter and good times. An instantaneous capture of the mood, whether it’s a gang of friends cramming in there, or a lone poseur. It says a lot about how kids have fun and to have that in a tangible print is priceless.

To find out more about booking a photo booth for your party visit www.imperialphotobooth.co.uk.