Fiendish Fun with La Pitchoune Halloween Dresses

Halloween is the best time of the year for dressing up.

It’s an excuse to get out of those cheap, generic highly branded princess costumes and into something spooky and fiendishly good fun. But the little girls still want to feel pretty and not venture too far into trick or treat territory!

Well, for every little girl’s delight, La Pitchoune have come up with the great idea of combining their beautiful dresses with removable fancy dress elements so you can dress her up for Halloween, and then keep dressing her up in a beautiful made-to-keep dress.

The limited edition Halloween dresses come in La Pitchoune’s signature tulle, silk and cotton, capturing the dreamy essence of Halloween, in their classic shapes and blue, black, dark red and white shades.

Each piece is inspired by spooky fables and tales from childhood bedtimes, from the bad fairy, to a wicked witch to a naughty cat to a little ghost. Our favourite addition is the feathered collar and wings that comes with the smoky blue bad fairy. Exquisite!

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