La Loi: Interview with Kate Law of the Crazy Kids Leggings Brand

Fluxlings favourite, La Loi, is the super-hip kids’ leggings brand by ex i-D art director, Kate Law.

Strikingly cool but effortlessly simple, the leggings are covered in photographic prints from fireworks to water splashes to the amazing x-ray styles.



The brand comes from Kate’s frustration with the lack of edgy fashion for her own boys, and in particular in leggings that with colours and patterns were predominantly girly. So La Loi has invested very heavily in print quality  and fabric composition resulting in the super wearable range that grab attention wherever your little one goes.

We speak to Kate about working at i-D, boy’s fashion and whippets!


FLUXLINGS:  You worked with i-D for many years. What was your most interesting project for them?

KATE LAW:  In 1997, Terry [Jones, founder of i-D] had this insane idea to do i-DLive which was an event in a kind of club environment. It was my first week as Art Director and the idea was that we i-D photographers shot ‘straight-ups’ (the famous i-D’s signature format) of models/guests/celebrities on a digital camera throughout the course of the night which linked directly to me and my art department’s macs who simultaneously edited AND then laid out pages which then were wired directly to the repro house and then to the printers. So the idea was that people were projected almost in real time to the pages of the magazine. Sitting here16 years on, it has finally become a reality. It was chaos and there was a fair amount of cheating going on, but the idea was there; basically it was the future and Terry was, as ever, ahead of his time.

FLUXLINGS:  Do you still work as an Art Director? If so have you worked on any interesting campaigns recently?

KATE LAW: I still work on projects for British Vogue when schedules permit. I love keeping my hand in and dipping in to work on a project knowing that there’s an end to it. No to campaigns, my experience has been predominantly editorial, research or consultancy based, less commercial. That’s with the exception of this brand of course. An ongoing campaign!

FLUXLINGS:  The designs on the La-Loi range look just amazing. Do you always start with a photograph for the prints?

KATE LAW: Photographic images exploit the print process really well. The fabric I work with also holds the detail perfectly and is perfectly balanced for these requirements. So anything lacking tone and texture such as a flat graphic is slightly a waste of resources. That said, I work with Rob Clarke on a key piece each season. He’s an artist and the texture of his drawing lends itself really well. He’s just done an amazing hand drawn type design for me, referencing lyrics from a Pistols song. Obviously in an appropriate and very abstract way!

FLUXLINGS:  I think it is great how you pitch the range at boys and girls. Do you get a good response from boys wearing the leggings? [my little boy is 3 and certainly loves his and I hope will continue to as he gets older!]

KATE LAW: I really honestly can’t get either of my boys out of them. They get so used to the way they feel and are really reluctant to ever wear jeans.  At 9, I really try to encourage Pip, my eldest to deviate at times but there’s no stigma at his school. Half the boys in his class wear them! I think more conservative kids/parents of boys are happier wearing them under shorts in this country as they get older which is fair enough but not my kids as yet!

FLUXLINGS:  The designs can be worn by boys and girls, they are not split into boys or girls styles. And there are a growing number of kid’s brands taking this approach which helps with the boys, whose clothes can be really dull. Do you have an opinion on ‘casting’ kids in their fashion choices when they are really young.

KATE LAW:  I have opinions as regards girls demands on pink and this idea that it’s inherent. It’s all social conditioning no matter how indirect. I’ve put my boys in pink occasionally which I think can look great but you can’t protect them from outside influences. I suppose I have influenced their choices and at some point they’ll probably react but hopefully I’ll have instilled an open mindedness as to what’s socially acceptable. Also, it depends on the kids. We get approached a lot and my kids love the attention that they get from people on the street for wearing something a bit different to what’s available on the high street.

FLUXLINGS:  You must have been asked to make the leggings for adults – would you ever do that?

KATE LAW:  I have! Well they’re not targeted at the adult market; more ‘‘tweens’ but certainly fit them. Currently, they’re exclusive the Harrods and Selfridges for SS14 but there’s been a good response. So, I am expanding the size range for next season.

FLUXLINGS:  Any plans for any extensions to the range – t-shirts and sweaters etc?

KATE LAW:  Again, they are in Selfridges as we speak. There’s a part of me that wants to do one thing and just do it really really well. But there has been demand and I have many ideas so I have a good few things in the pipeline.

FLUXLINGS:  What is the most popular design? (I love the x-rays and animal prints, and also the fire leggings ALWAYS get commented on when my daughter wears them).

KATE LAW:  Anything that lights up really uses the production method to its best potential because the fabric is white but holds darker colours and detail really really well giving a sort of back lit feel. So x-rays are referenced in a different way each season but I have also reissued fire, fireworks, smoke as they are very unisex, none seasonal and effective.

FLUXLINGS:  What do you love to do outside of LaLoi/Art Directing?

KATE LAW:  I got a whippet puppy last year so for now I’ve stopped doing some of the default things we did as a family such as swimming, going to the zoo, eating out etc but I’m inspired to get out of London more now – it’s way more fun having a dog in the country and makes more sense of walking for me. She’s fitting in a bit more though and got her passport yesterday and I’m taking her to France with her sister next month [Yes – you read right. Kate’s friend has the whippet’s twin sister so they hang out a lot!].

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by Claire Lomax