Kuku B: Tutus for girls by girls

If you’re looking for a special treat for your little angel this Christmas, new brand Kuku B will have her skipping for joy in their delightful girls tutus.

Designed in response to two sisters’ – nicknamed Kuku and B by their grandfather – love of gorgeous clothes, Kuku B takes the girls tutu concept and makes it wearable and fun. Pair them with battered old Converse sneakers or with sparkling party shoes to match all styles!


kuku b girls tutus


With their layers of soft linings and tulles, you can go for one of their beautiful ready to go designs. Choose from the Sylvie in pink tulle with silver satin lining embellished with pink ribbon flowers; or the Eden with its ivory and blue layers decorated with sky blue organza petals. For the more edgy young ladies, try the Stella in black and midnight tulle covered in sparkly gems.

Alternatively, and this is really exciting for the little designers out there, the Kuku B Rainbow Tutus give you the chance to create your own. You can customise five different layers, choosing from sixteen colours of tulle and your own glitter waistband. A fabulous treat for all the little fashionistas out there.

Kuku B say, “All our tutus are made in our London workshop and not in an overseas massive factory. They are made with love and happiness because that’s how we want you to feel when you wear one of our tutus. We hope that you enjoy our collections and fill your wardrobe with Kuku B tutus.”

To see the full range of Kuku B tutus see www.kukub.co.uk.