Paperboy’s graphic kids wallpaper and fabric designs have been captivating us at fluxlings throughout 2011, from the skeletal animals, dinosaur silhouettes, jet fighter planes and mythical knights and dragons.

Pride of place amongst the fluxlings’ Christmas horde was our wonderful traditional miniature armchair by Little Chairs covered in Paperboy’s green and gold ‘Animal Magic’ skeletons. It’s never stopped being commented on and fought over ever since Santa dropped by with it. And we’re still at the precious stage of not allowing food to be eaten anywhere near it!

The Paperboy designs may have been created for boys, but are just as good for girls and grown-ups we think. Designer Victoria Cramsie has been busy hand drawing some intricate new wonders on fabric and paper for 2012. The new kids wallpaper is the beautiful ‘How It Works’ which reveals the magical inner workings of a boxing kangaroo and a slender necked giraffe. Ever wanted to see just how a chicken makes its eggs (and don’t drop them!)? Or you may even be slightly surprised to discover how an elephant makes its noise and how a swan swims so gracefully.

If you’r thinking of decorating for a child we think this works brilliantly for any age, from a baby to a ten year old. There’s fun to be had examining the animal inards to reveal Victoria’s imaginary puppeteers labouring away to make sure the motion is all it should be with levers, pulleys, springs and rivets. Think of all the question’s you’ll get to answer about the little people inside our animal friends!

The wallpaper is printed in monochrome and comes in off-white, stone, purple and green.  ‘How it Works’ wallpaper is made in the UK, printed on FSC sustainable paper and is soon to be joined by a matching fabric. A 10m roll costs £60.

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