What happens when we allow kids to design a kitchen?

When we buy a new kitchen we often follow the trends that come and go over the years. So we have tended to all end up with a similar looking kitchen.

That’s why it’s easy to spot a seventies or eighties kitchen. Recently though we have begun to develop different styles at least and even develop a taste for more innovative design.

But what would it be like if we allowed our kids to design a kitchen? Well IKEA have been letting groups of kids do exactly that and the results might surprise you. They don’t have the same preconceptions that we have and so act more on instinct. They come up with some startling colour combinations and some rather unexpected design features as you can see.

This is all part of IKEA’s campaign to place children at the heart of the kitchen which includes their “Cooking with Parents’ manifesto. They want to get kids having fun with cooking and baking which really helps build their imaginations and connection with food. I know from my own experience with our own kids just how much they love getting messy and creating something they can eat for themselves. With a few simple, sensible safety rules kids can do an awful lot more than just laying the table or making a simple salad.