Kids running wild – have they become little barbarians?

Kids running wild – have they become little barbarians? – words Alan Woods

The History Channel’s latest docudrama, Barbarians Rising, is a stylised look at some of history’s most fearsome barbarians.

It focuses on the true stories of Rome’s fiercest enemies, from Boudica to Hannibal of Carthage and beyond. Due to the somewhat graphic nature of the show, you should use caution if you’re going to watch it with your children.

Kids running wild

However, older kids may be interested in having a go at their latest quiz – which asks questions any child who likes fantasy video games will enjoy and then gives them a custom barbarian, with their own barbarian name, title and attributes.

You can either let older kids have a go themselves, or read out the questions for them. Some are violent, so use discretion. However, kids will enjoy seeing their own custom card and finding out what ‘style’ of barbarian they are – scoring points in strength, bravery, cunning and leadership. You can then compare the card to cartoon versions of the show’s barbarians to see if they’ve scored higher on any stats.

Of course, the whole thing is just a fun little quiz – but it’s interesting to find out what part of their personalities shines through.

Despite the just-for-fun nature of the ‘Become a barbarian’ quiz, it’s important to keep kids interested in history. Some of the world’s best and worst lessons are to be learned from the past – and most adults can probably remember sitting in classrooms, learning with wide-eyed amazement about the ancient empires that used to exist on the very soil we stand on.

So – have a go at the quiz, decide if it’s suitable for your kids and then let them take a test. If you have kids running wild you can see what kind of little barbarian you have on your hands and let us know in the comments!

Kids running wild – have they become little barbarians? – words Alan Woods