Trick or Treat anyone? Kids fashion these days lends itself wonderfully to dressing up, so why turn to the fancy dress box when you can get real clothes that do the job with a bit of imagination? And then wear them again and again of course!

Kids photographer Julia Boggio has been getting her freakiest friends together to give us some fashion inspiration for All Hallows’ this year. We know you’ll join in the fun! See the shoot below, plus read on to see our interview with Julia on the art of photographing kids.


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photographer JULIA BOGGIO


hair and make up NIC MORAN


When we first met Julia Boggio, she was photographing the kids at Bubble London this summer. And some lovely shots of fluxlings #1 ensued. Julia was just amazing at getting the kids to relax on the spot. A specialist kid’s photographer, we were so impressed we’ve worked with her on this Halloween shoot and thought it would be great to find out a bit more about working with kids and and her photographic inspiration.

FLUXLINGS: How did you first get into photography?

JULIA BOGGIO: I was travelling around South America for 6 months around the millennium and I completely fell in love with photography. It’s hard to take a bad photograph in South America, due to the amazing colours, breathtaking landscapes, and interesting people, so when I returned to the UK, I enrolled on a 2-year photography course to see if I had any real talent for it. Turns out that I did.

FLUXLINGS: What appeals to you about children’s photography?

JULIA BOGGIO: You never know what you’re going to get with kids. Sometimes they are completely up for being in front of the lens and sometimes not, which means it’s up to me to engage them. I enjoy the challenge of coaxing great photographs out of them.

FLUXLINGS: Is there a favourite shoot you have worked on? Any funny moments?

JULIA BOGGIO: My funniest times on shoots are usually when I’m photographing my own daughter, which I do often. The poor little thing will find herself dressed as a lion one day and a lamb surrounded by fake chicks the next. I’m currently trying to decide what to do to her…er, I mean, with her…for our annual family Christmas card. Last year, we dressed her up as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

FLUXLINGS: Do you have a team who you work with a lot? Stylists/Hair etc.

JULIA BOGGIO: It’s so important to have a good team around you and to work with people you trust to deliver. I often work with stylist Rebecca Seager and make-up/hair artist Nic Moran. They were both invaluable on this Halloween shoot.

FLUXLINGS: What are your favourite kids’ fashion labels? And which labels would you love to shoot?

JULIA BOGGIO: There are so many exciting kids labels out there right now. Next week, I’m shooting the look book for LaLoi Leggings, which is a fantastic new brand (in fact, you can see a lot of Kate’s designs in the shoot above). When dressing up my daughter, I love Tootsa MacGinty, Beau Loves and Poppy Children. I’d love to work with Stella McCartney, Rock n Regal, Benetton, Billieblush…there are too many awesome labels to mention them all here.

FLUXLINGS: What do you do to relax away from photography?

JULIA BOGGIO: Being with my daughter and husband, whether it’s just sitting around, playing, exploring London, or walking in the park, is my absolute favourite thing in the world.

FLUXLINGS: Have you always worked in London? If you could work in another city where would it be?

JULIA BOGGIO: I’m originally from New Jersey, but I’ve lived in London for my entire photographic career. Being passionately half Italian, I’d love to work in Rome with Vogue Bambini.

FLUXLINGS: Who are your favourite photographers/artists/musicians etc?

JULIA BOGGIO: I just went on a trip to Switzerland with the amazing Tim Flach, who is such an uncompromising artist. He completely inspired me. Stylistically, I’ve always been a fan of Annie Leibovitz and I love the idea of playing with oversized props and big sets like Tim Walker. Musically, I am a total Broadway Baby and have been my whole life. My daughter was even born to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music. I’m so excited about The Book of Mormon coming to London that I’ve already booked tickets.


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