Essential kids clothing basics for all occasions

Essential kids clothing basics for for all occasions – words Alexa Wang

If you’re anything like most parents, you’ll spend a lot of money making sure your children have everything they need. In fact, that often extends to forgoing something new for your wardrobe in order to add something to theirs.

But, do they have clothes for those occasions that seem to sneak up out of nowhere? Whether it’s weddings, ski trips or celebrations abroad, there are a handful of key kids clothing basics your little ones are going to need if you want them to look the part, whatever the occasion…

kids clothing basics

Weddings & Formal Events

Weddings and formal events are tricky for dressing children for. Of course, it all depends on what capacity the kids are attending an occasion in: if they’re a guest, you can get away with dressing them in something a little more relaxed. But if they’re part of a wedding party, or a ceremony is taking place in a religious environment, you’ll want to make sure they look ultra smart.

Whatever the case, ensure your kids have the following formal clothing items. You can dress them down if you’re going for a semi-formal look, or dress them up if you’re going formal all the way:

  • A shirt or blouse
  • A smart dress
  • A formal jacket or blazer
  • A smart or ‘special occasion’ cardigan or cover-up
  • A pair of smart, polished shoes
  • A pair of plain socks or tights
  • A tie or bow-tie, if they want to wear one

To make life easier for yourself, steer clear of pieces of clothing that are itchy or scratchy. Synthetic fibres, itchy trimmings or anything else that’s going to prickle their skin will quickly make children grumpy.

Always buy clothes a little bigger than you think they need. There’s nothing worse for children than clothing that’s too tight, and if nothing else, you’ll hopefully have saved yourself a last-minute dash to the shops the next time there’s a formal occasion you’ve not prepared for as their clothing will still fit.

Formal Events Abroad

For formal events abroad, children are likely to need all the items above, but this time you should focus more on dressing them for the weather. If you’re attending an overseas wedding somewhere warm, for example, breathable fabrics are very important.

Loose fitting linen and cotton clothing is a good idea (though you should perhaps opt for cotton unless you plan on ironing everything in your hotel room), and light colours will keep them cool too. However, try to find formal clothing for overseas events in colours other than white… kids are almost guaranteed to stain a white shirt or dress!


Days Out and Adventures

Spring and summer are perfect seasons to enjoy days out and adventures with primary kids or older. The longer, lighter days and – hopefully – warmer weather lend themselves to picnics, lazy afternoons on the beach, fun in the park, or dog walks. Of course, with the UK climate always unpredictable, a sunny day has the potential to turn showery in an instant, so make sure your children are kitted out for all weather.

At the very least, make sure you have a good waterproof to hand. These packable macs are lightweight and ideal for tucking into a backpack; if you’re exploring cross country it’s a good idea to take along some funky wellies and a change of clothes, too.

kids clothing basics

Fancy Dress Parties

Finally, your kids are going to be invited to a fancy dress party at some point, or at least be required to dress up for World Book Day at school. So, it’s worth having a stash of dressing up outfits to dip into when you need one at the last minute. You can make your own if you’re handy with a sewing machine, but there are plenty of fancy dress outfits available online too.

Essential kids clothing basics for for all occasions – words Alexa Wang