by Aimee Hunt 

The minefield of practical baby pram-buying has been given an entirely new dimension with the launch of the Day Sense, courtesy of Dutch-based company Joolz.

Now parents can sleep easy in the knowledge that not only is their stroller capable of Olympic-worthy gymnastics, but it can help save the planet, too.



The new model allows you to unleash your inner eco-warrior: crafted from hemp? Tick. Fully recyclable packaging? You got it. One tree planted in a ‘birth forest’ for every new pram sold? Why, of course! Once more, you can feel just as principled as any kaftan-wearing vegan without compromising on style- featuring a hand stitched tan leather handle and stunning compact body, it’s a far cry from many of the bulky, drab affairs that clutter the market.

The Day Sense sails through the Man Test effortlessly with all-terrain, four wheel suspension, and a design crafted around both the body of the baby and the parent (so less back-ache, less faffing, and a pram that grows with your child). Anxious mothers have their fears allayed by the hypoallergenic carrycot mattress (because, as Joolz carefully point out, the average baby purportedly spends at least fifteen hours a day asleep- though it might not always feel that way…) and organic cotton linings. With the brand set to roll out across Mothercare branches in the coming weeks, Joolz look set to corner their share of the market, and with this new addition to their collection, it’s easy to see why.

Each Joolz Day Sense baby pram includes chassis, seat, cot, shoppingbasket, raincover, accessory bag and three educational toys. Nursery bag, footmuff and parasol are available seperately in the same colour. For more information see