This is perfect story for Halloween! Have you seen the trailer yet for Playstation’s Wonderbook: Book of Spells, the new must see launch in the phenomenal Harry Potter franchise?

Well take a look below for a sneak preview. The Book of Spells is an advanced textbook for budding wizards and witches in training, and will assist students in their magical journey to become an expert in everything wizard-y. But it’s not just that…



The book features original new writing by J.K Rowling, and is set in the restricted section of the Hogwarts library. It will be the first game launched with PlayStation’s Wonderbook and will use the Playstation Move as a magic wand, letting you turn the pages and watch the book come to life with giant paper dragons flying above you, a pumpkin fit to burst, and spells jumping off the pages!

Fusing traditional storytelling with ground breaking technology, it’s billed as an interactive reading experience like no other…coming to life in your living room!

The Book of Spells launches this weekend with a massive family party in London, and after that I’m sure all those Harry Potter addicts will be adding this to their Christmas lists. I must admit it looks just amazing and I can’t wait to get a look for myself, never mind the fluxlings!

Wonderbook is a new peripheral for Playstation 3, and will put a physical book in your hands supporting a magical new range of games and reading experiences.