Interior Design Trends Today – DIY Projects, Versatility, Sustainability

Interior Design Trends today – article by Alexa Wang

Every house should be transformed into a home. Every house should have its own authenticity, personality, vibe.  A beautiful home is a happy home, it nestles joy, love and pure design.

Design walks a long path on the side of which the millions of creative individuals are present, ready to tell their story, their needs, their differences. Thanks to these creative individuals the design path is not clear, it is an infinite zig-zag line, influenced by this visionary minds.

Every now and then the main design trends do change, reflecting the needs of the many, indirectly showcasing what the society seeks. Cast a glance at the ideas below and let us know what do you think and would personally add to the list.


Reinstate The Tech-Free Living Room and Add Coziness

Not long ago the living room presented just the TV-unit and a VCR , today it presents so much more gadgets so much more technology and features.  The tech is presented as an extraordinary feature in contemporaneity yet its aggressive development changes, our free time is not what it has once been and the same goes for the time spent with family and loved ones.

The trend in design seeks to free our homes once again, de-clutter our consoles allowing our mind to wonder, to minimize distractions and create a familiar look, one that would sustain real social interaction. The new living space should be able to forge memories in our minds not our phones or consoles. Plastic should be diminished, wood must re-affirm itself.

Adopt Translucent Furnishings to Emphasize The Feeling of Space

Translucent furnishings have always had a clear market segment and day by day the beautiful ethereal pieces gain ground. The illusion of immateriality and the fact that they actually allow light to pass are great attributes, heavily haunted by the inhabitants of small spaces.

The beautiful pieces are not obstructing views either, denying the normal conventions, allowing more depth into the room.

Consider Multipurpose Furniture For Your Interiors

Homes do become smaller in urban areas and as a result so more and more designers are adapting to the continuous demand envisioning versatile multipurpose pieces of furniture, solutions to save space without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

The coffee table that can be easily be transformed into a dining table at the demand or the murphy bed are popular choices today, re-think your home, choose practicality.

Emphasize Your Bedroom Design Through Simple Elements

The bedroom has always been a constant in the design of a home and not many things will change in that regard. The bedroom seeks change in the simple elements that gravitate around the bed itself, the side-table can be changed through numerous diy projects, reading nooks can be added to put that corner space to good use and headboard designs in the order of thousands are showcased online with detailed tutorials on how to realize them.

DIY projects are a great movement, one sustained by environmentalists today thanks to its sustainable approach that encourages the individual to recycle, reuse and up-cycle as much as possible, to conserve energy.

Invite Greenery Indoors

One of the easiest and most beautiful changes  one could make in his home is to invite greenery in. Vegetation can change your setting just through its presence, in time the oxygen produced and the sculptural naturalness will reshape your home.

Give greenery a chance. You can grow edible plants indoors in mini gardens, little greenhouses or vertical walls can have your favorite salad and aromatic plants at your grasp, in your kitchen at any given time, simple, inexpensive and practical.

What do you think about the path of the word design in contemporaneity? Would love to hear your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

Interior Design Trends today – article by Alexa Wang