Truly Scrumptious: The Incredible Ice-Cream Bar

Making parties truly scrumptious, smash the kids’ party dessert mould with Incredible Ice-Cream’s yummy concoctions.

Kids and ice-cream go together like just about nothing else. Ice-cream is the undisputed king of children’s desserts. It’s a well-known fact. Simply add ice-cream to the mix at kids’ parties and expect super wide smiles on faces (as well as a coating of creamy goodness of course).

You can go back to basics of course – and get out your own scoop. But why do that when there are revolutions going on in the world of gelato in the form of Incredible Ice-Cream Bars, created to wow your little guests? This is ice-cream machine hire to beat Mr Whippy and all comers. An ice-cream ‘experience’ if you will.


Designed as an original and modern alternative to the traditional ice-cream van, Incredible Ice-Cream was founded by Mike and Chloe Fidler. The Fidler’s performance background in the West End and at the Edinburgh Fringe meant they understood how to put on a show. Applying their experience to the traditional pastime of serving and eating ice-cream was a joyful experiment – and one that soon proved a hit with their Wonka style bars appearing at locations from Madame Tussauds to Center Parcs and Wembley.

The Ice-Cream Bars themselves are stunning; eye-catching and hip ice-cream machines, with their bright primary colours and effervescent, whirly designs. They’re also surprisingly affordable. Choose either the artistic Warhol inspired wheels and swirls or the Roald Dahl inspired Wonka with its spiral lollipop style to get your Oompa Loompas jumping for joy.



With the bar in place, the kids won’t be able to resist. Help them choose their flavour (Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry or Caramel), pick up a crispy cone or a tub and spoon, pump the handle to see the delicious creamy ice-cream ooze out, then hit the toppings. Sprinkles and sauce – chocolate or strawberry! All that’s left is to enjoy.

It’s a heap of fun and a super special feeling to create your very own especially-for-you ice-cream. A real, unforgettable party treat.

Soon to be operated as a nationwide franchise by Fete Game Hire, you’ll be able to hire an Incredible Ice-Cream Bar at your party wherever you are in the UK. See